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    I grew up on the west side of Chicago in the 50s and 60's. As an only child, I became an avid reader and explored the world beyond my block through reading. Writing was easy for me also, and I loved the bustle of classes and extra-curricular activities in high school. So teaching English seemed to be a likely career choice. I could stay there forever surrounded by dance, drama, and books. After four years at Bradley University in Peoria, I started my teaching career. After eight years, we moved to Fort Worth and I taught English, speech and theater another 28 years, gaining a master’s degree along the way.


    In 2011, I retired from teaching full time. A year later, I started writing. When exploring topics, my husband asked me what I knew a lot about. My reflex answer was "being married to you." We'd been married thirty-six years by then, and I felt that I had something to share. I explored webinars and self-publishing programs to guide me on my approach, and I completed my first book, 7 Tips for a Successful Marriage, within a few weeks. I could not, however, figure out the formatting, nor did I feel that this was the kind of book I wanted to write. I like a good story above all else. So I went on to my next book, a companion piece on bringing up my four sons: Raising the Roses. The formatting still eluded me, so I started book number three, Tales from the Family Tree. This one is a collection of short stories about family conflict. Some of them are based on my family; some are pure fiction. As you can see, my niche is family and all of my books somehow revolve around that.


    Finally, in December of 2012, my husband and I figured out the secrets to formatting through CreateSpace, and published all three books within a few days. In 2015, I published a romance novel, Monday Morning Blues, because it's a genre I've always enjoyed. I wanted to write something that women my age and mindset would enjoy, unlike the influx of urban fiction and historical romances that were flooding the market.


    My writing time was interrupted when my husband of forty years became ill, and I became his caretaker through a difficult year before he passed. There were weeks of adjusting to my loss and living alone, and months spent planning to relocate to be near my sons and grandchildren. Now, that I've settled in Houston, I'm ready to write again. I feel that my experience was worth sharing, so that is the topic of my latest book, Seasons: My Journey through Grief. I think I can help others who've experienced loss, and it's a story that I feel I must tell.

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    This is the first chapter of my latest book, Seasons, My Journey into Grief. It chronicles my husband's battle with sarcoidosis and my own recovery after his death. It was also selected for the anthology, Rave Soup for the Writer's Soul, Volume 3, published by Rave Reviews Book Club. On Father...
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  • Seasons

    My Journey through Grief


    "To everything there is a season,

    and a time to every purpose under Heaven...

    A time to weep and a time to laugh,

    a time to mourn, and a time to dance."

    - Ecclesiastes 3:1&4

    Surviving Grief

    I lost my husband of forty-one years to sarcoidosis, a disease that few people know much about. My beloved struggled through a year of fatigue, anemia, and other health issues, with doctors at the county hospital telling us he was doing just fine." When he died, I went through all the stages of grief, from anger and depression to acceptance, and I realized that our good times far outweighed the bad. So I turned to journaling, and the 800 pages I wrote in the last three years became my book, Seasons: My Journey through Grief.

    The Value of Journaling

    I found my comfort in writing. Before my husband died, I prayed for healing for him and patience for me. After, I communed with God, my thoughts and nature as I wrote pages nearly everyday, using the words of others, including the Bible, to inspire and console me. They gave me wisdom and courage to help me come to terms with my loss without baring my soul and tears in public. As Oprah said, "Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you'd never imagine.


    After two years, I had turned my journals into my fifth book, Seasons. I selected my best passages and organized them into four sections: summer, autumn, winter, and fall, recounting his death and the year that followed. This is the true story of my journey through my own seasons of grief.

    Seasons: My Journey through Grief

    If you've lost a loved one, especially a spouse, you might gain some insight from my journey. Or it might be an excellent gift for someone you know who has lost a member of their family. Available in paperback ($13.99) and ebook ($3.99), at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and iUniverse.



  • More Books by Ernestine Rose

    A contemporary guide to surviving one of life's most difficult challenges, even when you seem to be total opposites. It's a "must have" for newlyweds and a "wish I'd known" for veterans.

    Amazon Book Reviews:


    I would recommend this informative yet delightful little book on marriage to those considering marriage, those married, and those forever married. The anecdotal humorous style of writing with which Ms. Rose combines her tips of success in marriage is easy to digest and eventually easy to apply to one's own marriage.- ELIZABETH TAMAYO


    Her straight talk, spot-on humor, and research into what makes us want to love and then desperately search to make it last, paints a picture of what's possible after the sweetness of the wedding cake is replaced by bitter feelings. Read 7 Tips for a Successful Marriage. You'll be glad you did! -- TAMRON HALL

    A delightful memoir of the trials and tribulations of raising 4 boys while juggling motherhood, a career, and the family budget. Each chapter shows the humorous side of raising children while offering sound parenting advice.

    Amazon Book Reviews:


    I loved it. I believed it. The book depicted a courageous, loving, strong, and committed family accepting and living through life situations (gifts), both the good and the bad. Thanks for sharing and providing tips. I will recommend it for reading in my book club. - GLORIA GOLDEN


    Raising the Roses is a book that will have you inspired from the first chapter.It will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired as you understand the psychology of raising sons. Standing ovation to Mrs. Rose! -MARIE CAMBELL

    A collection of 10 stories about family relationships that cross race, time and geography. All struggle to resolve their conflicts and find their way back into each other's hearts.

    Amazon Book Reviews:


    This book is such a pleasure to read, and the limbs of the stories are far reaching! Everyone can find someone they know in this story, an aunt, cousin, granny, or even yourself. It's that very same relational aspect that waters the seeds of nostalgia, and perpetually blossoms the fruits of the African American family tree. This story is a must-read, and a must-read AGAIN! You'll laugh at the moments of pleasure, and cry during the moments of pain; and you'll definitely stop to prune the leaves and nurture the roots and tales of the family tree! - LADY LARUTH


    I was drawn into Tales from the Family Tree from the get-go. Loved the realness of family life! Everyone can relate to some of these short stories . Modern issues, emotion, and writing skill combine to make this book an interesting read. I prefer more of a show don't tell style of writing, but enjoyed the easy style of getting the story across to the reader, and would love to read more from this author! - LYNN HOBBS

    A modern "grown folks" love story about a couple who lose their way caught up in the routine of working and raising a family. No drugs, no thugs, just a really good story about 2 people in love and the crazy friends and kin around them.

    Amazon Book Reviews:


    Monday Morning Blues is a realistic story about love and forgiveness. The story unfolds at a good pace, and the supportive characters will likely remind you of your own friends and family. Although this is fiction, there's a poignant message to readers: while the grass may appear greener on the other side, water where you are because the root system is stronger! - DEANITA HARRIS


    Ernestine Rose has reached into the hearts and minds of many families that have endured one crisis or another. Her intense novel, Monday Morning Blues, is loaded with wonderful lessons in love, loyalty and family. Ms. Rose has spun a tale that will touch on many emotions and even bring tears at times. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You will too! Wonderful work! - B. BERRY

    Book Trailer for Monday Morning Blues

    Book Trailer for Tales from the Family Tree

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